Greener Picnic Tips


School’s out and the heat’s up! It’s the perfect time for a summer picnic in the park or at the beach. But before you run out and buy a bunch of convenience food and plastic dinnerware, consider what these actions might do to the environment. A plastic fork or cup can take up to 500 years to decompose and even then may just end up as microplastics. So instead, let’s talk about greener summer picnic ideas that will make you and Mother Earth happy. 

Bring your own utensils.

As mentioned above, plastic wares may be convenient for the few hours but they can take years to decompose. Instead of plastic, considering bringing utensils from home. If you aren’t hiking in or out for your picnic, the extra weight of a couple of metal forks won’t break your back. If weight is a concern, consider reusable utensils or even something like chopsticks, which can be composted when you’re done. 

Drink it up.

The best thing about reusable water bottles is that they are so versatile. Yes, they can be used for water but they can also carry selzer, soda, even wine! Shh, we won’t tell anyone. As an alternative to plastic cups, consider using old glass jars, mason jars or those stainless steel mugs sitting in your garage that you bought that one time you went camping and then never again. 

Make your own food.

Packaged foods are convenient but also very wasteful. A salad or sandwich from home can reduce the need for individual plastic containers or plastic wrap. You can make a bunch then transport your food in mason jars, metal tiffins, a tupperware or wrapped up in bee’s wrap as a low waste alternative. 

Say no to paper.

This is such an easy swap. Buy a stack of cloth napkins and use instead of paper napkins or towels. The best part is, you can use them when you get home as well and make paper products obsolete in your home year round!

Clean up after yourself.

We’ve all been there, we’re hiking on a beautiful trail, only to see a granola bar wrapper on the side of the path. Be a responsible picnicker, leave your area better than you found it. Make sure you pack out any trash you brought in. Your empty mason jar or tupperware can double as a great trash can. Bonus points if you separate out your food scraps and save them for the compost bin. 

Greener picnics are easy, they may take a tad bit more forethought, but in the end, all you’ll remember is the fun! 

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