What to Expect when Selling

Making the decision to sell your home is not an easy one. While we can’t anticipate everything, here are a few steps we will take to make sure that the process is transparent, efficient and minimally disruptive for you and your family. For a more step-by-step schedule, check out our Selling Process page.

1) Setting the right price: The most important factor for selling your house is the price. Sure, location and presentation make a difference, but the right price will ensure that your home appeals to the right buyers and brings competition (which brings more offers and a higher sales price!). Together, we'll do an exhaustive review of comparable sales in the neighborhood, assess the available inventory, and discuss the market trends at the time. Combined with understanding your current financial situation, we'll price your home to maximize your return on investment.

2) Making your home look its best: While we all have our own decorating styles and favorite colors, there are proven methods to increase your home's appeal to agents and buyers. Some of the fixes are relatively cheap and easy (e.g., painting, decluttering, landscaping), while others are a bit more involved (e.g., staging, kitchen/bathroom updates). We'll explore all of the options and make the best decision based on the timing and your budget.

3) Marketing your home to the right buyers: While your home will be listed in the MLS and picked up by real estate search engines (e.g., Zillow, Redfin, Trulia), real estate marketing is changing rapidly and we'll work together to choose the most appropriate advertising channels. We'll discuss print media, a web presence, social media, and creative open houses for buyers and agents as a few examples. The bottom line is that we will use the best tools to get the word out and get the right people through your house.